135 17" all-season or 18" performance tires

Has anyone seen a 135 with the 17" all-season tires vs. the 18” performance? I am mostly concerned about how they fill the wheel wells. I love the looks of the 18's but in actual ownership; I think that the 17 all-season tires just make more sense.
I looked up the OEM tires on tire rack, and was set back with the price. The car will see mainly city driving with an occasional highway jaunt. I just don't see pouring 1200 bucks into new shoes every 20k miles. But I don't want to give up the way those 245's fill up the rear wheel wells... In short, I do want my cake and eat it to
If you don't get any snow, then just get the 18" wheels and tough it out when it comes to replace them. The tires will probably last beyond 20,000 miles anyways.
so speaking of snow. Being smack dab in the middle of the midwest we do on occasion get snow. We normally get one or two big snows a year 10+ inches.
All over the place I read to stay away from snow. I will be getting the 6 speed, since I can control it better in less than perfect conditions. I have a front wheel drive now, but have had a small 2 wheel drive pick-up in the past. I understand what happens in the snow, but is this thing really a ice skate incapable of getting any traction what so ever, or can I feather the clutch and throttle enough to get around? I have never had any problems what so ever in the snow. This will be a daily driver.


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You should be fine as long as you are aware of the fact that your vehicle is RWD. Most times what happens is people forget and end up gunning the gas and VOILA...spinout. I lived in Germany for most of the last 10 years and I didnt have to much trouble with my RWD E39. Usually when the tires started to slip when braking the DSC takes over to try and help. Just remember this stuff and you should do fine.