135i vs G35/G37

I wasn't intending on spamming your forum. I'm sorry you took it that way. Nor was I trying to link to a "commercial site" since we have plenty of members, and I don't really think that anyone who is on this forum will really spend much time (if any) at Nico. I simply wanted to have a decent debate about it, instead of the one sided Nissan loving debate that is happening now. I have a friend that is a bimmer nut. I respect the cars, and the 1 series looks to have some great potential, being twin turbos and all. However I don't know much (if anything) about bimmers, and wanted some people with knowledge about the cars to join in. Sorry if I offended you. Have a great night, and Merry Christmas!
The 135i is faster, better handling, and shorter stopping. The G37 is more pimp and luxurious but I think I would go for the 1-Series because it is light & tight.
I saw the 1 series sedan a few days ago.... I must say I was and am impressed. With an M model it should give the EVO and WRX a run for their money.
I've been a member at that board since I bought my G35. I have been reading the thread and posted a comment. It's amazing what some of these guys write about Bimmers. It's kinda funny that someone posted over hear to get some comments on their board. Some of those guys are just a bunch of idiots.

The last I read about the 135 is that it's not that light. I think 200lbs difference between the 335 and the 135. That's a little disappointing but I think it will be a great car to drive.