323is or 135i?

hey all. man i havent been on in awhile. but i do have a dilemma.
ok so to start off i am thinking about trading my 1999 323is (e36) and my dads (e46) for a new 135i. but i am not sure if i am ready to part with my e36. it had jus hit 71k miles. i really love the new 1-series its an awesome car, and i am going to be test driving it soon. but i had just thrown some mods into my car and it drives better than before although still not as fast as the 135i.

i just wanted to know what you guys think i should do? the new car would benefit me in everyway and i would only be financing about 10k. but im afraid i am too attached to my beemer. :'(
P.S. i added a dinan stage 1 chip, and rogue engineering DMS exhaust resonators delete.

So you are considering trading your car and your dad' car for the 135? How does that work than, you two will share the 135, or? I am not sure giving up two cars for one is a good idea. You are not going to get the value out of that E36 trading it in. With only 71k on her she has a lot of life left, I would either keep it or sell it out right and than with cash in hand negotiate for the 135.
ya i was thinking of that also that way i can pick out an apropriate owner. but my dad has a new frontier that he drives also he wants the 1-series for a toy car and so i can use it. well it would actually be under my name but yes we would share cars. im just unsure of what to do. no payments is great but a new car is what i may want at this point.