330 hp M3 engine reliability?

Hi, new to this forum. Ordered the new z4 m coupe after driving it (what a blast). Wanted to get any advice on engine breakin and service. I have one of the first s2000 still (vin #175 from first day they went on sale) that i regularly take to 9K redline and still runs perfect (but Im a maintenance nut) - have to keep it too as it is too addictive to give up! Appreciate any advice on this engine as I heard from a friend who races there were some issues. I loved driving it - great high redline but still has lots of muscle (and great sound....).




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The maintainence and reliability of the S54 is no different than any other BMW motor - assuming proper maintainence and break-in. I've yet to hear about any real problems about the s54, the best site you're going to find for info on the motor is www.m3forum.net. I recently joined and it's full of information.

Post pics once you get the car... it is easily one of my favorite BMW's.
Thanks guys - good to hear. I'll check out that site (and the owners manual when I get the car for breakin info). I know my current car I needed to keep below the vtec point for the first 600 miles (that was hard) but now at 101K it was good advice to take (I had concerns with the S2000 longevity when I first got it because of the redline). I obviously knew this was a great engine or I would not have bought the car but just wanted to get any advice on how to keep reliability high. I will post pics when I get it - no VIN assigned yet but it is supposed to be a 2007 for Sept delivery. I LOVED driving it - incredible test drive - like a rocketship. Loved that highstrung engine! This engine has got to be one of the closest to a racecar that exists - pure adrenaline that got me to order one on the spot!

And man it looks incredible - I have to admit I had Bangle reservations after the 7 first came out but I think this is one of the best Bangle designs yet - almost has a bit of old Ferrari thrown in looking at the rear pillar.... Huge fan of this car and your M3s from a design, performance, and most importantly - purity/intensity standpoint.

Thanks again for the info...
My advice is to follow the break-in procedure to the letter. I've got about 6K miles on my M3, hasn't used a drop of oil.

I've also done a bit of research on BMW maintenance before and after they offered to cover it. I spoke to my SA about "in-between" scheduled service oil changes and other fluid changes. I was told it was common practice for M owners. I'm servicing my M using the old maintenance schedule, paying for the "in-between's" myself.

If you're not keeping your car past the warrantee or are leasing, don't bother. If you are, it's worth at least thinking about.

Thanks all - now if only the car would come in! I will definitely do the in-betweens on oil changes. Also found on one of the boards that the break-in is 1200 miles on this car! The hardest thing will be keeping the engine from running until I hit that point!
Hey, welcome to the forum. The S54 motor is amazing, just follow the break-in period specifications while driving it normally (don't baby it). You shouldn't have any problems with reliabilty and engine life with good maintenance.

And of course, post pictures as soon as you get the car. [:D]
My M3 makes a rattling noise sometimes when its cold (between 3-4K rev), even though its 96 degrees out. I was told that it was "normal" by maintenance. It goes away after about 10 minutes driving, but its king of annoying for a 56K car. Minor complaint for a GREAT car.

Only issue is people always wanting to ask me "how fast I go in it", or "how do I like it", or "my modified civic can beat your M3". it goes on and on.