After market exhaust for E63

Our 2007 650i coupe came in last Saturday, what an awesome car.

Anyone have experience with aftermarket exhaust systems? I would like to replace the rear resonators with something that makes a bit more noise. I'm not looking for anything obnoxious. So far I have found the Eisenmann, Supersprint, Dinan and RD Sport systems. Any comments? Quality? Sound? Appearance?
......anybody here?

After searching and not finding much information regarding aftermarket exhaust systems for the E63/64 I had to make a SWAG as to which system would look and sound the best.

I decided to go with the Supersprint cat-back system. Since I do not have enough posts to upload pictures I have built a page on my website. If you are interested in seeing the pictures and reading my first impressions please check it out here (you'll have to add the 3 w's - not sure I understand this one!):

Supersprint exhaust pictures


Not packed very well. System arrived with several small dents in the mufflers and in the "X" pipe. Unfortunately I did not notice them until the system was being installed and only 2 small dents are visible after it was installed.

Install was super easy. A friend and I removed the stock system and installed the Supersprint system in a little less than 3 hours.

Over all quality seems VERY good.

Fit is perfect! I was truly amazed.

Sound is only slightly louder than stock. Quite an expensive system for larger tips and virtually no increase in that V8 sound! I should have ordered the "X" pipe without the resonator.

the system b/f install - loosey assembled of the garage floor
Before - stock system
After - supersprint system
After - supersprint system
Before - stock system
After - supersprint system
Very nice! I also noticed from your license plate frame that you are also located in Winston!
jrt67ss350 said:
Very nice! I also noticed from your license plate frame that you are also located in Winston!
Thanks. Actually I live in the Charlotte area, Hendrick didn't want our business....... again!
We were not happy with sound of the Supersprint X-pipe with the mufflers so we ordered the X-pipe without the muffler in an effort to get a little more sound out of the system. I fianlly got the piece and installed it a couple weekends ago only to again be dissapointed by how quiet the car still is. Wonder if Supersprint plans on doing a race version? They need to. The system(s) we bought is not much louder than the stock set up..... I expected more.