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G'day mate, i'm in Melb too. I've got a red E30 318is too! At the moment i'm working on mine but only to replace the thermostat. I tried once and the gasket failed so i've had to take a new path. I'm planning to take off the fan and the radiator so as to make the job more complete. I hope it works...

Your plan sounds great, although i'm definitely an advocate of keeping the car completely stock. From an engineering persepective though, your idea sounds very interesting. Keep us posted but i reckon you should post on the E30 section - this Aussie members thread is dead as anthing. Hope to see your posts soon!

brissy boy here, got a 1983 318i e30, (currently not running) that im "doing up" not sure wether to rebuild the 1.8 (bore out to 2L) or get a transplant, definitly want to keep the shell, i love it too much. recently sold my 1985 323 e30

theres lots of melbourne people on here, he he