bmw 650i

I am being told bya bmw dealer that the 2006 650I will handle very well in the snow. They say I need to purchase larger rims and add snow tires to be most effective. Does anyone know about this? I currently have an all wheel drive wagon which is great
Any rear wheel drive car needs snows for harsh winters, but I have no idea why you would need "larger" rims? Just get some steel wheels or cheap take offs and add good quality snow tires to them for winter use.
Dan's right, and if the rims are changed at all, you want SMALLER rims so you can use a thinner/taller profile winter tire. Winter tires should be narrow and tall (i.e. 60 or 70 series) for best snow traction, compared to summer tires which are 40, 45 or 50 series on most BMWs.
Actually I have gotten by just fine with all season tires on a real wheel drive vehicle in Minnesota winters. However, snow tires would be the best. I am just having trouble imagining snow tires on a 650i not to mention how well wiil the car do.



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Oh boy, I trust Motorwerks as much as I trust a leaky raft, I've been to the dealership a few times and will not go back, I wouldn't trust their opinion either. Unfortunately Sears in Minnetonka isn't much better.

Think about it though, your going to spend 80 Gs on a car then drive it in the winter? The salt, rocks, ice, its not worth it. Keep your wagon, get the 6er--drive it in the summer.

It's not a matter of can you--its a matter of should you.
I lease my cars through my business so I would not be spending any where near $87000. However, point well made. I actually may just do that - keep my wagon for the winter - and use the 650 for the summer. Sounds over trhe top to have two cars. I guess my mid western conservative side is taking over. You are absolutely right about Motorwerks. I have leased four vehicles from them and I have always had this nagging feeling that they are not always shooting straight. Where do you buy your cars or do you have a recomendation? I would travel within the five state area if I felt I was getting a good deal and some honesty




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^ Over the top to have two cars? Oh no. :)

I go to Concours BMW in Milwaukee, I know thats a drive for you, but to be honest, I have yet to find an honest car dealer in the general Twin Cities region. Morrie's, Carousel (the name is so fitting!), they all suck.

There is Park Place down in Rochester, but they are owned by Luther Auto Group which leaves much to be desired.

Zimbrick in Madison is pretty good, and fairly honest.

Are you going to lease or buy? Wait a little bit til Fall and you should get a good price.