Changing of the guard....


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Hello Gents! (and ladies of course),

I have not been to the site in a bit, with all the work I have been doing in the dustbowl of the Middle East and all, but I figured it was time to give everyone an update.

I sold my E39 about a month was tough to do it, but as I was not in Germany anymore, the car had been sitting for about a year, and depreciating value of the dollar I made the difficult decision to sell the old Red Devil. I eventually ended up selling the car for about 8k Euro. I almost cried when everything was final but the nice chunk in my bank account gave rise to the thought of buying something new.

Sooooo...last week I ordered myself a new 135i (thought about a G37 but the lure of Bavaria and my Germanized sensibilities won out in the end....still love that G though). Will be picking her up around the 2nd week of July.

Here is a short look at the options:

Sparkling Graphite Metallic
Terracotta Boston Leather
Heated Front Seats
Sport Package
Premium Hi-fi System
Ipod/Usb Adapter

about 40k all put together....damn I am started to get excited all over again....[headbang]

You KNOW pics will be forthcoming! Toodles! (did I just write that?!)
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NIce to hear from you!!! Can't wait to see the pix and get a review form you!!


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Awesome news. I've seen a few 135 in the Dallas area last week and they all look really good. One unfortunately was driving like a jackass weaving back and forth in traffic.


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Kool. Ich mag gern den 1er. Ein toller, neuer, kleiner Wagen. Fotos, fotos, wenn er ankommt!

Tootles! HE he he

Ich find der 1er auch toll...klar mach ich bilder fur meinen kumpels! Aber kein autobahn mehr fur mich......[:(]....ich mus eine renntag finden....

ehh...I speak better than I write...LOL[thumb]