Clear Bra

I posted this one under Coyote Freak's excellent detailing guide (awesome btw) but thought I would start a new thread to attract some more attention.

I just got a new 2006 325i and had a clear bra installed. Given this, are there any detailing tips any of you could give me. I want to use Coyote's guide, but don't know what I should do given the bra. How would that change the detaling instructions?

The guy who installed it said to just use some spray wax on it once a month, but I don't want to do most of my car one way-and the front another (although you are basically just polishing clear 3M plastic).

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

I have heard that you should not wax the 3M film. Also use some blue painters tape on the 3M before waxing the paint to avoid getting a wax residue caught under the edge of the 3M.


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Well I was told by a close friend of mine who is also a professional clear bra installer to treat it like you would your car paint. This means applying wax and/or polish at normal intervals to keep the bra from aging.

I have a clear bra on mine and will use car polish to remove heavy road tar or bug splatters. Try to avoid using an abrasive towel while wiping or buffing wax/polish off the clear bra, you should look into getting a microfiber towel for this instead.