Clear vinyl Bra

I'm going to put the clear coating on the leading edges of my car. I ordered a kit from the dealer for about 300$. It is another 400. for the install. I have an installer who will put on a kit from 3M for 560. total. The 3M kit even has more areas that it covers. (door handles etc. )
Can there be that much difference between the BMW and the 3M???
Does anyone know who makes the BMW kit???
The 3M kit has a lifetime warranty, I'm not sure about the BMW kit.

Just needing some more input here. THanks.


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Right now there are only two major companies that make the film for clear bra. One is 3M and the other is VentureSheild. And 3M just acquired Venturesheild.

Even if you order the one from BMW, its most likely going to be with 3M materials so don't waste your money. Plus most of the time dealers outsource this service to local installers.

3M is the best way to go since it has a clearcoat which helps with weathering. Venturesheild is much easier to apply and a bit thinner so it's less visible from up close, but it lacks the durability of 3M.

I do have some experience in this industry so let me know if you have any specific questions.
Or go to a decent signwriter that does automotive graphics. They quoted me about a third of the above to lay on the clear vinyl and cut it to custom fit. And I'm talking a reputable, good quality company that does all my companies vehicle graphics, and most of m mates race cars (think full vinyl overlay over the entire car).

BTW, one of the employees is a BMW club member and she has her entire car covered in the clear vinyl and you can't tell without opening the doors and looking for the line etc. Cost about NZ$3500 retail to do the entire car.
Thanks for the quick response guys. I'm sending back the BMW ones and going with the 3M based on a couple of things including the reputation of the local installer. I'll post how it turns out.