Finally, I have an M3...

Hi ALL -

I just wanted to share with you all that I have finally purchased an e46 M3. This thing is rediculously fast and handles amazingly...

My only concern is how long before I lose my license to speeding tickets. What an amazing car.

Anyway...I am new to this car so any advice on maintenance etc would be greatly appreciated.


Congrats! [clap]
My $.02 :
1) cut the BMW recommended oil change interval in half.
2) get a clear bra for the front
3) remove the clutch delay valve (CDV)
4) enjoy
"Welcome to the family," (said with a German accent)

It's faster than S*** so be careful, and if you feel like you're going 75, look down and your probably going 120
Picture - finally

Thank you for all the welcomes and advice. I am still familiarizing myself with the car, not a single complaint.

everyone, sorry I haven't gotten back sooner. Learning how to resize photos so I can give you a picture.


i have a 01 3.2CL typs S right now, i'm actually thinking of getting a M3 E46, but i don't know which year to get, i'm thinking about the year of 03 and up, cause of the LED tail-lights. does anyone know what's the differernt between each year? thanks =)
congrats on the purchase!!

i actually like the pre-LED m3, but to each his own.

8) buy a radar detector, be it Valentine or whatever else, and hardwire it!