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Let's start with the 323i as there seems to be very little mention of these cars on other forums, particularly from an Australian perspective.

The best engine oil for cars with approx 200km on the clock?

Suitable brands of coolant?

Best brake pads for everyday driving?

Do OEM brake pads need to be replaced it every pad change? If so, is there a suitable aftermarket item available to avoid this?

Is there a gizmo available for resetting the service indicator at a sensible price?

Recommended repairers in southern Melbourne? (or anywhere for that matter)


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200km plus?

Over 200,000km on the clock? Use 20W/50 grade. Valvoline and Castrol have really good old engine oils.

Coolant: I only use OEM coolant, have been for many years. Its not that expensive and BMW, most of the time, guarentee it for nealry 4 years; too easy.

PBR do good pads. Honestly, once again OEM pads are nice and hard (not like current model pads), they are fantastic and will last longer that you think.

There are reseting tools you can buy through EuroCar Parts, I think you can get one for about $60-70 AU. Of cause this is only suitable for cars between 1987-1999. The older reseting tool for the Sevice Indicator can be harder to find. Wouldn't hurt to ask EuroCar Parts.

EuroCar Parts: 13 88 00 (National)
personally i'm making a pact with my car to avoid ever using oem pads
again. they are WAY TOO dusty...once i've worn my pads down i'm going
to shop around for some low dust pads
I agree with you Bahnstormer, the less dust the better. It's driving me insane!


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Yeah, of course there's dust. You'll always get dust. Its just part of owning a european car...
Besides, the chances of achieving brake noise and uneven wear on the rotors with non-genuine pads is so much higher.