internal lights turn on randomly

for the last 2 weeks, while i am driving, the internal lights of the car will randomly turn on. I am speaking of the overhead light near the rear view mirror as well as the lights above each rear speaker. If i press the button to turn them off, or open and close the door, they will turn off, but will likley turn on again afer a few mins. I think them turning on happens most often after i brake. They never turn off spontanteously, only on spontaneously.
The first time i took it to the dealer, i mentioned it along with a few other things, and they basically turned the light on and off, saw that it worked and didnt look any further into it. I want to take it again to them, but am not sure what they will do, if anything.

Anyone have this happen or have an idea what it could be?
do you have an ipod hooked into your car? Any mods done anywhere in your electrical system? There was a guy who had some really strange electircal problems that were traced to his ipod install...


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Sounds like a bad relay or something - IIRC all bmw's e32 and newer have a "comfort module" that controls things like internal lights, windows, etc. Of course it could be a short in a switch that opens when you open the door. Good luck with it! If the car is out of warranty, take it to an independent mechanic. They will find what it is without ripping you off, like the dealer will.
no ipod, or even radar detector (illegal in virginia)

still under warrarnty, so i will have them look at it again, but its painful to have to keep goin back and forth.

thanks for the replies