My first post and pics of my car

Well thought I'd post pics of the ride. It's a 2004 645Ci Convertible. I love this car so much.........

Anyways I hope to learn a lot from you guys, as I plan on doing a lot of modifications.

I just drove a 650ci sport the other day on the BMW Ultimate Drive, and I fell in love with that car. They are awesome cars. Looks nice! Enjoy!
You have a awesome car!

I'm sure your neighbor with the Audi has told you the same thing (... provided he's even speaking to you). i drove one last year and the acceleration was smooth and near endless.

Wilkommen an Bord! I've loved the 6 Series from the moment it arrived. They drive great, and the build quality seems very high. They feel like Sherman tanks!! Congrats, and keep us posted about your modifications. Just don't "rice" it out with odd wings, wheels and aero kits. The 6 Series just looks so good the way it is. IMO!!
No I don't plan on any rice on this car. Just true engine performance upgrades, and some nicer wheels. I do automotive upholstery and fiberglassing so I may do a little on the interior but right now the car is PERFECT.

I love it...........It's my first BMW but definately not my last. Already have my eye on a 2007 M3 convertible.

The wife is head over heels in love with her 2005 Mustang and I hate it so I'm trying to talk her out of it. Wish me luck with that.
i bet the driving is fun in GA. i used to live in Columbus, and wish I could spend some time of some of those beautiful country roads. try to keep it out of the red GA clay and you'll be fine. good luck with the Ms. (... ur in the sacred land of pony cars).

welcome again!
got any updates?
i'm sure the car will sell itself.
best thing i ever bought upto now is my 3, bar none!