Newbee M3 driver-questions

1. Basic street suspension upgrade
springs and struts?
coil over kits?
sway bars/strut braces?

2. Considering I just bought the car ($$$ issues), what would you think is the "can't do without" list for tools and equipment for basic maintanance and upgrades?

Morgan [bmwdance]
1. Whats the question? I could write you a few pages about this.

2. Torque wrench. Metric set ratchet kit. Breaker bar. screw drivers. ellen wrenches. Thats the bare minimum.
Let's say I've got the torque wrench (20-100 ft/lb) and all the other basics...wait, breaker bar? Like a 2 foot section of pipe?

I was thinking more about "basic specialty" tools, etc. Like do I really need the thin wall 30mm or 32mm deep socket? And what do I use to get the spark plugs out?

That sort of thing.

Thanx for the response.

Gorgeous yellow beastie [hihi]
- Deep socket set 8mm - 17mm. 17mm is used all over the suspension. You don't need anything bigger for regular maintenance. This will cover you for the spark plugs.
- Shallow 12 point 3/8" drive set is also good for tight areas around the engine.
- 8mm - 17mm combination wrench set, 6 point.
- Optionally, 8mm - 17mm combo set, 12 pt. There are a few tight areas where the 6 point won't work too well.
- Low profile floor jack
- I used a 2' piece of pipe on a ratchet and blew out the ratchet. Got a good breaker bar, now I put a 2' piece of pipe on it.