SIZE DOES MATTER CRUISE - 2007 - 11th February 2007

Hey everyone from Australia.

I have been using this site for some time now, just reading up on technical articles etc. VERY helpful.. Anyway, a club that i'm involved in the running and management of have organised a VERY large cruise for enthusiasts and I decided to post it up on a couple of the forums I use so we can get some more BMW's etc there with us... As I drive a BMW and we only got 2 in the club :p

Last year we had about 180 cars, it was a great success and everyone had a top day... This year is going to be much bigger with more trophies, surprises and of course more participants and cars...

So hopefully it would be really good to see some of the BMWBoard crew out with us this year as well... Perhaps come along as a club??

Anyway, if anybody wants to know anymore information please feel free to email me at : or send me a PM on here and I can give you my phone number.


Matthew Mace
C/- Most Wanted Management
everything is all still on as originally planned. Weather for down south is all fine. See you's all soon.


Any problems call me on: 0413 237 393