unknown substance

Was parked in a cruddy garage downtown. The garage itself smelled of rotting fish. My car cast all day and night (9am-10pm); when I came back at 10pm, there was green/grayish ooze dripping on my roof and side windows. I got it home and attempted removal. Got most of it off the paint with some labor and a ton of soap, but it will not come off the window. I have tried orang cleaner, windex, car soap, everything. There is a now, whitish hard, sticky film on the window. If it was minor I wouldn't car, but it's fairly substantial and it distracts my eyes when driving. I'll take a picture if that'll help.

Any thoughts on removal? I was thinking maybe a razor blade? any thoughts
"Goof Off." What? What is it? Cleaning product? Where do you get it?

The only "Goof Off" I know of is to remove old or mis-applies caulking.
DO NOT EVER put a razor blade to ur windows unless you absolutely know wtf u r doing- unless u want to f up ur windows. a razor may seem safe, but the damage it does often can only be seen under the correct lighting. so, don't risk it.

there are 2 fairly decent auto glass cleaners out there that i've used that are safe:

1. "Spray Away" it's an aerosol type auto glass cleaner. (Wallmart, OSH etc.)
2. Zaino window cleaner. (www.zaino.com or www.lazaino.com)

in both cases, u may need to apply the product several times- ie it might not come out in one application and may require a couple of weeks to give it time to slowly come off after cleaning.

Spray Away is safer, so i would use that. Zaino has a very mild abrasive that is safe- but use it sparingly and gently- ie testing it out first.

hope this helps.
I have used a razor blade on windows for more than 30 years and never had a problem. Just keep the angle low and soften up the material with window cleaner or goof off first.
Sorry to bust onto this thread, but there is a sticker that is on my rear passenger 1/4 window from the previous owner, that is really stuck on there. I was wondering what is the best way to try to remove it and not have that sticky residue leftover?
i just recently took off the bmw warning anti-theft stickers this past weekend too. (man they were stuck on there good.) peeled them off first, then used a cotton swab with some alcohol. then wiped off the residue with an old rag. my custom-made, blue apple computer logo static cling stickers look a lot sharper now without that ugly sticker stealing their thunder. :)