my paint looks bumpy :(

Hey Everybody,
My car is finished in Arctic silver, I just got done washing it and I have noticed that the paint looks bumpy when light is shining on it. There are no dents or irregularities in the body panels where it looks like this, what would be a good way to get rid of this?

Thanks! :)
I have noticed that a lot of car manufacturers, including BMW have the "orange peel" effect. If this is what it is, there's not much you can do. If it's from contaminants then clay bar can remove a lot of it.
the bumps are bigger than the orange peel, tho... just looking at the paint straight on it would look like the car was hit with golf balls or hail or something... its really weird...
I just picked up a new Alpine White X3.

When running my hand over the finish, the sides of the hood feel very rough- more like sandpaper than glass. I'm going to try a clay bar on it but was disappointed since the car had only 5 miles on it and had just gotten out of the detail shop. I hope it doesn't mean that parts of the hood have been repainted.